Saturday, May 4, 2013

Beach Picnic

We went out to one of our favourite places today - St. Mary's Reservoir.

We hadn't been there since the snow and reservoir had melted and it was nice to be back.  Lacey was so excited she just ran random circles for the first few minutes.

We brought two toys today - one for each of them.  A "squeaka squeaka" for Lacey...

And the Lighthouse for Coulee. Unfortunately, some things don't always go as planned...

She did get to play with it.

At least briefly. :)

We are done wallowing and we are getting on with living.

As this might be the last weekend Lacey will have all her bits, we decided to make it a fun one.  I've cancelled any extra work I had coming up - photo sessions, my photography class, etc. as I didn't want to spend the next few weeks working any more than I have to.  Right now, it's all about fun.

So today we did a family walk - just the four of us.

We brought lunch and after walking for a bit, we just sat and enjoyed the day, the weather, the scenery and the company.  I love the photo below of Marlin and Lacey, but I hate that I can see the stupid tumour. Even so, editing it out seemed wrong.

Lacey did her best to convince us to share our cheese.

Coulee did her best to convince us to keep playing.

This is her "hurt and confused" look.  What have you done with the toy???

Tomorrow we have 2 walks planned.  One in the morning and one in the afternoon. Lacey will be yucking it up with a few of her doggy BFF's.  She's going to be exhausted. I'm sure there will be photos.  :)

Coulee will be taking the day off to rest her feet. She hardly stayed calm and mellow today although we did our best to do more swimming than running.


manymuddypaws said...

Living is better than wallowing any day! Yay for a great day. See you tomorrow!!

onecollie said...

great pictures! have fun tomorrow!!!