Monday, May 6, 2013

Sunday Morning

Lacey and I met up with Deirdre, Cricket and Jetta Saturday morning for a walk.  As always, we started at Starbucks and went from there.  :)

We decided to head out to Fort Macleod for a little romp.  Without her trusty sidekick, Lacey was a little more reserved than usual, but she still had fun.

Unfortunately for the short dogs, photos are few and far between in Fort Macleod - too many plants.  :) Not that the dogs were complaining.

We were out with three dogs (including a lab cross) and not one would go out and fetch a stick in the water.  ;)  They really wanted it though...

With only 3 dogs instead of our usual 4, we were able to carpool.  Lacey wasn't too sure what to think about riding on a seat instead of in a crate, but she figured it out in the end.

Next up in our adventures is a trip to the farm...

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