Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hobbling Along

Lacey is doing OK.  It is a weird combination of her foot hurting too much to put down, yet she feels sassy enough to run around.  She is also being a brat with the cats for some reason.  They don't need to do anything but wander by and she is going after them.  It is very weird for her but is usually only about 3 steps before she stops. She's been trying to play with toys and chew on rawhides which she didn't really do after the first operation for the first 5 days.  We have a different antibiotic this time so maybe that is making the difference (the last one made her nauseous)?

When it's time to relax though, she is back to her weird corners and bathrooms. We can't trust her to not chew on her bandage this time so she is spending much more time in a cone even when we are around as she is very quiet about it.  She destroyed her first bandage on the way home from the vet.  We couldn't see her in the crate and she didn't make a peep so we assumed she was just sleeping. Turns out she was eating vet wrap and gauze.

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blissfulsally said...

So happy to see a smile on her face!