Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Ball and Cone

Not much time for words as I should be working.  These are from a few weekends ago (the day I took the video) but they were too cute not to share (or rather I wanted to be able to look at them later easily). :)  In my defence, I stumbled across them while filling a photography order so I was kind of working. :)

Lacey is FINALLY cone free when we are home.  We are still putting it on while we are away as we are worried she'll start licking and just not stop.

She is now battling infected anal glands (as is Jack - I have no idea what is going on!!) but hopefully just getting them expressed regularly over the next few weeks, that will be cleared up.

Coulee is good.  Her feet cleared up almost overnight and everything is good with her - except for the fact that I'm too busy for decent walks.


Andrea said...

Gads! The anal glands...our dog's don't work quite right. They burst once with no warning signs...nada!

WigglyZack said...

Love the ball and cone!!!