Sunday, June 2, 2013

Footloose and Fancy Free

Lacey has been doing OK.  She got her stitches out on Thursday and other than being desperate to lick her foot, she's been doing well.  She is still wearing her cone as if we don't have eyes on her she is licking.

We spend most evenings sitting on the couch with the iPad watching her and trying to watch a show so that she can have some cone free time. Being on the computer is impossible as my back is turned to her and she takes full advantage.  She's become very sneaky about it.  She goes to get a drink of water and when she is done, she stands there and licks her foot until we catch her.  I've watched her go around the side of the couch and the moment she is out of sight I can hear her lick her foot.  She often pretends she is going downstairs to visit Marlin but instead stops halfway to lick her foot.

She's being a total brat, but I can't blame her.  She has some sores on the sides of her foot from wearing a bandage for so long and frankly I think those are bugging her more than her toe is.  I'll be glad when those heal up and the scabs fall off.

We went on her first bootie free walk today.  She did great.  I'll have to get some video but she moves well and only occasionally favours the one foot. We still have her on pain meds but I'm going to start reducing those starting tomorrow.

All the reduced exercise is actually not a bad thing at the moment as Coulee's feet are at the worst part of their cycle. We think though that the allergy shots might be having some impact.  We are going to increase their frequency to see if it helps even more.  At the moment her cycles seem shorter and less severe with longer breaks in between but we'd like to see if we can get them to disappear all together.

We couldn't get down the road to the beach today like we had planned, but we found another deserted place where we could access the reservoir although it wasn't sandy.  Coulee had a great time swimming and Lacey just puttered on shore for the most part.

We even managed to find a spot that was rain free for 45 minutes or so despite driving through rain almost the whole way there and whole way back.

Oh and I have no idea what is up with the hawk population this year but we saw at least 30 hawks on our way home hanging out on fence posts.  There must be a tonne of rodents out there this year or something.


World of Wildlife said...

I hope Coulee's foot heals soon.
Great photos especially the first one.

Taryn said...

Glad that Lacey is on the mend...She'll forget about it after a bit, but I imagine there is still lots of odd sensations going on...Sorry that Coulee is in the bad phase again :-(