Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A "Me" Morning

I have so much work to do, and so little time to do it, it isn't even funny but I just spent my weekend driving, taking photos and driving some more and I really needed a break.  So I took the morning and managed not to feel too guilty for only doing a minimal amount of work.

The girls and I went out to Keho Lake.  Since running into a Conservation Officer at our usual place, I needed to find a new place.  Keho is a little farther away so I won't be able to get there between shifts during the week but it will be a good weekend place throughout the summer.

Last time we came, we got dive bombed by a couple of godwits, so we went to a slightly different area to avoid their nest.

Lacey's foot is looking so good.  There is one tiny stitch still in there so we are going back to the vet (again!) tomorrow to get it removed.  I'm really hoping that is the only thing that is keeping her licking at it, because spending almost 24/7 in a cone is getting really old after 5 weeks.

The grass is super long and a very bright green in sections.

Coulee enjoyed swimming in the lake.  It's fairly close to the road so we don't need to actually do much walking and she can still get a decent amount of exercise.

I had a wider angle lens on for most of the walk.  I can't seem to find the sweet spot - they are either too small or they look cartoonish.  :)

But it does a pretty good on head shots.

I swear this place is some sort of drug house.  :)  Nothing around it looks like it is liveable, yet the two times I've driven by there are newer cars mingled in with the old abandoned ones.  There are no cultivated fields near by and I have no idea what else people would be doing out there.  I had to stop and take a picture once I saw the cat sitting there.  Hopefully they don't think I was spying on them - there aren't enough Nissan Cubes in town for me to keep a low profile.  :)

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