Saturday, October 26, 2013

Beach Day

Life has been busy.  I've been trying to catch up on work and my volunteer stuff since our vacation.  Catching up on work is a never ending battle but by Monday I should be fairly caught up on the volunteer stuff.

Right before Thanksgiving Coulee gave us a little scare.  One morning, she just wasn't herself - she wasn't eating right and she was so "blah" that she didn't even want to play fetch.  It scared me.  Quite a bit. Turns out it may have just been some rotten teeth in the very back of her mouth. It's actually a little bizarre - all her other teeth look great and her far back upper molars are literally black.  After just a few doses of antibiotics she started to snap out of it.  We have her dental booked for Tuesday and we'll be getting both of those pulled.

We still aren't completely convinced that is was just her teeth... The vet thinks that they were probably causing pain for some time and shouldn't have brought on such a drastic change in her behaviour.  Her blood tests came back normal so we don't really have any more leads.  It's possible the antibiotics we put her on for her teeth could also be helping/masking the other issue.  We'll see what happens once she is off them.

We've been enjoying walking at our usual winter place but the beach is still the place where they have the most fun.  We got out there last weekend and I hope to be able to get there again some time this week.

Coulee has been enjoying the really warm fall weather we've been having because that means it's still swimming season.  :)

It's been nice to see a smile back on her face.

 And a spring in her step.

As an aside, I've been torturing Lacey with a cowboy hat.  :)  I couldn't help myself when I saw it.

The fact that she was willing to play with it on convinced me that she doesn't totally hate it.  ;)

And besides look at that smile.  :)

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K-Koira said...

OMG, that cowboy hat is adorable.

Hope Coulee ends up being okay, and doesn't have some other issue in addition to the teeth. Maybe they've been hurting, then all of a sudden she hit a nerve in them somehow, and made them hurt way worse?