Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Who needs teeth anyway?

Poor Coulee ended up getting 3 of her far back molars pulled yesterday.  Good thing she doesn't chew her food.  :)  It was a pretty long surgery - longer than expected.  Even the on-call vet that evening had heard of it.  LOL.  (I called to make sure that some bleeding was OK - which it is by the way.)

Because it was so long, they probably released her a little earlier than they would have liked to, but it was either that or spend the night, and I really didn't want her to spend the night.  She could barely walk and her little tongue was sticking out for a few hours. It was cute and pathetic all at once.  Poor thing.

Our night was restless - she couldn't seem to settle for long in one place.  She kept scratching at the door to go out and after a few of those not resulting in needing to go outside, we stopped jumping out of bed and hurrying downstairs and instead just told her to lay down again.

This morning is much, much better - as expected.  She even grabbed a sock to carry around with her so we know she is feeling better already.  She is loving her canned food and had no problem eating a full meal.

It's going to be a long 2 weeks of no fetching but we'll survive and after that, she'll be better than ever.


Jennifer said...

I bet she'll be a MUCH happier Coulee (and you too). :-)

Taryn said...

Speedy healing to Coulee!