Thursday, March 13, 2008

Agility and Rally

So Tuesday night was agility with Coulee. Sigh. Never ever mention to Amanda that you didn't feel challenged. That definitely wasn't the case the other night! As usual, Coulee did great on everything I asked her to do except stay at the start line. She is regressing back to her old self of breaking every stay and it is starting to annoy me. Here, let's look at another puppy picture to put me in a better mood.

Lacey did pretty good at Rally last night. Getting her to heel is a bit of a problem because she is so short so Amanda has brought a touch-stick today for me to train her with. She'll show me how to use it this afternoon once Lacey comes to daycare - she is taking the moring off after her exciting evening last night.

Lacey will not stay in a down for any length of time so Amanda suggested I start asking her to down before I feed her. So last night after class I tried. She sat and sat and sat. She wouldn't even look at me and she wouldn't be lured by a kibble. She would scoot back a little bit and sit again thinking that maybe she was too close for me to put the dish down. Finally she laid down and I quickly put the dish on the floor before it was too late. This morning it was the same thing. Poor girl. She just can't figure out what I want her to do so she can get her meals!

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