Thursday, March 20, 2008

Preparing for the big visit

I'm really looking forward to the long weekend. It is the first long weekend I've had off in a long time and I don't even have it completely off. The 2 cat visits I have will barely feel like work - they live on the same street as me, and the cats do not like to visit so I essentially run in, check their food, water and litter, do a quick health check (i.e. lay eyes on all the cats and make sure they don't seem to be labouring with any sickness) and run back out. And to make the long weekend extra special, my sister and her family will be visiting.

We've been preparing Lacey by introducing her to any kids I can get my hands on. :) First she met some kids at the indoor dog park, then she met Natalie's kids when they stopped by one day at the daycare. Then I brought her to Natalie's house one night when we had a meeting about the adoption fair where she met Alayna's two boys as well. This past weekend we had friends stay with us and they have a two year old boy. She did pretty good and only got freaked out a few times when he would run towards her. I'm pretty confident she'll do great with my nieces as they are a little older and are pretty respectful of dogs' personal space.

Coulee should be OK with the kids. She does love to give them kisses (they are at a great height for kisses!) but Sarah, the oldest loves to play fetch with her and they keep each other fairly entertained. The last time they visited Ali, the youngest, was still a little unsure of her but I'm hoping a little aging on both their parts will improve their relationship.

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