Thursday, March 6, 2008

Do you have any food?

Lacey is starting to learn that most people she meets have treats. So now she is starting to expect it. Last night at Rally, she would just sit and stare at people until they gave her food. We had company last night and she went rushing up to him, checked out both his hands, found no food and walked away. Our little piggy.

Speaking of Rally, she did great last night. She is learning to heel without me bent over at 90 degrees (which makes for a more comfortable course for me!) but I found I still got quite dizzy doing the spiral, I think because I'm looking down so much. She has definitely figured out that she is supposed to sit every time I stop which is great!

We are still having difficulties with barking at people on the street. We walked to the mailbox yesterday and then to the pet store and every person we saw on the street created a frenzy of barking. She was quiet as a mouse in the pet store because she knows those people have treats. :) Hopefully we can get over the barking thing soon.

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