Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It is nice to have time

Sunday was a gorgeous day for a walk so Marlin and I took the girls down to Peenaquim Park. I've really missed going for walks with the family. When I was dog walking and pet sitting, my husband did a lot of the walks on his own and with the daycare, the dogs don't get walks during the week. With the time change and the start of warmer weather, I can see lots of neighborhood walks in our future.

On Sunday, we were out for over an hour. The girls ran around like crazy, met lots of other dogs and even went for a bit of a dip in the icey river. Lacey got all the way up to her belly! She just might turn into a little swimmer. We'll have to wait and see.

I learned something on this walk - taking photos of short dogs in tall grass is a challenge! I got tonnes of photos of Lacey with grass in front of her face or with the grass in focus and not Lacey. Sigh. We'll have to find some wide open, mowed places for walks so I can take better photos.

We also went out on Saturday with Deirdre and her two dogs - Cricket and Jetta. I brought the camera but forgot the flash drive - story of my life! The weather was so nice we didn't want to leave. The four of them had a blast together.

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onecollie said...

This is a fantastic photo of Coulee! Ilove it, you should enlarge it and have it framed!