Saturday, May 17, 2008

Agility Practice


Coulee, Lacey and I met Deirdre, Cricket, Jetta, Kristy, Belle and Duke out at the agility field for a practice session in the heat! The dogs were pretty distractable and didn't really want to play too much...they were just hot. But we did get a few things done.


I think I can say that Coulee is definitely over her fear of the teeter. I wasn't going to put it in the sequence we ran but the first time I tried to run by it, she took it and did great. She probably went over it 8-10 times today and didn't baulk once. Her finishes weren't always great but at this point, I'm just thrilled she ran over the thing.

Her start lines were bad and her weaving wasn't great but we didn't weave until the end so I can hardly blame her. We are going back out tomorrow and I think I'll start with that.


Little Lacey got to come out and run through the shoot and the tunnel at the end. She was pretty revved up (or at least as revved up as she gets) to be out playing after spending an hour in the crate. I've discovered that blowing at her gets her very excited so I did that a few times to get her racing around.

Duke weaving

Deirdre's and Kristy's dogs did great! Belle was really confident, Duke was enthusiastic, Cricket was speedy and Jetta was racing through the shoot all on her own. Kristy took some pictures of Coulee and Lacey and once I get them I'll share them with you.

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