Thursday, May 8, 2008

As Predicted

So agility class with Coulee was as predicted...she put me back in my place. Her start lines are BRUTAL. You should have seen her at the start of the weave poles. Sarah was standing at the other end and Coulee only had eyes for her. I stood directly in front of her and that just made her peer around my legs at Sarah. I'm not sure who she thinks feeds her every night!

And speaking of weave poles...she is doing great! She still has some gates to help guide her but I think she is starting to get it.

Photography class last night was fun. This week we got an assignment and more stuff to practice:

  1. Create 4-5 different images of the same subject
  2. Photograph a strongly backlit suject or scene. Meter off the entire scene, the brightly lit background and the main subject to see what gives what results.
  3. Create a photograph with shallow depth of field.
  4. Create a photograph with extensive depth of field.


Deirdre said...

how on earth did you get that close to the snake? Did you buy a zoom?


Paws on the Run said...

I do have a zoom lens, but I was still only about 2 feet away.