Tuesday, May 20, 2008

On Assignment

Have I mentioned how much I've struggled with this week's photo class assignment? I thought it would be so much fun, but it has been a lot of hard work and practice, practice, practice. I still haven't come anywhere close to panning well...I keep meaning to practice with cars going by but haven't had a chance. I also still need to take some low light pictures. I've taken pictures is lower lighting than I've ever done before (i.e. in the house with just natural lighting) but I think she means "in the dark". So I guess that will be on tonight's to do list after agility class.


Sarah said...

i love those photos!!!!!!

good job!

Perry Reichanadter said...

Love the dog sleeping on the feet. I was going to suggest panning on one of the dogs, but, alas, your class is over, and who am I to make suggestions anyway? I like your blog and enjoyed going to the dog photography links.