Thursday, August 28, 2008

Confessions of a Stalker

I'm not ashamed to admit it. I stalked the mailman today. Our new camera was going to be delivered to our house today (or at least I hoped it would be today). So around 11:30 I ran home, in hopes it would be there. As I was pulling up to our mail box, the mail man was pulling away! I quickly checked the box and sure enough there was a parcel receipt in there. I hopped in the van and raced after him. Luckily he had to stop at the next mail box. I jumped out of the van waving my parcel reciept and he informed me the "other guy" had it and pointed down the street. So I got back in the van and drove to the next mail box. This mail man told me he didn't have it but the postal outlet should. My reciept said I couldn't pick it up until 5 p.m. (and really, who wants to wait until 5 p.m.?!) but he assured me it was already there. He was right!

So far so good. It is fast at taking pictures, focusing and I've already discovered some great features our old one didn't have!

I just looked for a picture to attach to the post and realized I haven't taken any good ones of my own dogs yet! So instead, I leave you with Bosley, who came to have his ears "fixed". You'll have to read Kim's blog to find out more... that is, if she posts about it!


Sarah said...


OMG i can see bos's ears looked trimmed, I emailed kim, i have to see pics!!!!

just when you thought he couldn't get more handsome!!!

onecollie said...

ok, you actually chased down 2 mailmen??? !!!!
I had no idea!!! , can we say photoholics anoymous??!!!