Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Birthday Girl

I can't believe my littlest one is a year old today!

Amanda blogged about all the big changes that Boone has gone through in the past year so I thought I'd do the same about Lacey....

Lacey about to bite her sister Maggie on the butt!

  1. She no longer pees or poops in the house (well almost - she did just poop in a hotel room a few weeks ago). She took forever to housetrain!
  2. Some things never change - here she is playing keep away with little Ruby
  3. She knows how to sit and down. She is the kind of dog that has no idea that words mean something. I think the only other words she knows is "Outside", "Touch" and "Let's go!". She is the complete opposite of Coulee in this respect.

  4. She is still cute as ever. It isn't just her looks, she has a very sweet personality that is snuggly and sassy all at once. She loves to nibble on your fingers and toes and chase you around the house.

  5. Lacey and her siblings in the box they arrived in
  6. She loves Coulee most of all. She gets so excited whenever they've been a part for an hour or more. It is how she got her nickname "Wiggles" because she just puts her whole body into her tail wag when she is excited.

  7. Faceplant!
  8. She loves to play with Lu. I think Lu has actually lost weight this past year thanks to Lacey.

  9. Lacey playing with Kayla
  10. She is pretty shy. She is happiest when strangers just ignore her and gets all weird when they try and touch her - unless of course they are giving her a treat at the same time. I'm hoping this will change by next year. She'll be coming with me to the indoor dog park a lot this winter to help bring her out of her shell.


manymuddypaws said...

awwww....look how cute she was....is....

Sarah said...

i actually think she is cuter now than when she was a pup, that doesn't happen with many dogs!!!

onecollie said...

I agree Sarah!!! She now has that full, smushy, just want to kiss it, face!!!
I can see baby Ruby in one of the pictures too...how cute that they have grown up together!

Perry Reichanadter said...

Great pictures!