Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter in Cranbrook

Marlin and I headed out to Cranbrook this weekend to meet up with my sister and her family at my Dad and Shelley's place. The girls stayed behind with Amanda and her crew.

We arrived on Friday and spent some time outside enjoying the great weather. We had our big dinner Friday night to clear up Saturday for going out and having fun.

Before the weather turned cool on Saturday, we headed out to a trout hatchery. We had a lot of fun feeding the fish. Notice the fish food on top of his nose? :)

Saturday night we dyed some eggs with silk scarves and ties. They were super easy and really neat looking. You can find instructions here.

Sunday morning before we all headed off for home, we went and visited some friendly horses that Dad and Shelley know. They just live a few blocks away and belong to some good friends of theirs. We came equipped with apples and carrots and Hurc and Sooz were very happy to take them out of our hands.

This was what we got when we ran out of food.

I'm not sure if that is a "Thank you for the treats" smile or a "That's all you brought?!" expression.


onecollie said...

the photo of the fish is soooo cool, it doesn't even look like they are in water!!
Welcome home!

StellaStar said...

What a fun easter! I love those silk-tie/scarf easter eggs, and it looks like the girls had fun feeding the fishes and horses! I love the picture of the horse showing his teeth. I think he wants more...

Jackie's Mom said...

You have to put up one or more of the horse pictures on your photography site! If I had a pet horse (which I am sure that we will someday-- just ask DD) we would hire you to take candid photos like these.