Saturday, September 5, 2009

Copy Cat

Sarah and Amanda have both taken bridge pictures in recent months. Why? Well for starters, the bridge is pretty much Lethbridge's icon. And to top if off, today is the 100 year celebration of the High Level Bridge. It is the highest and longest bridge of its kind in the world and was probably an engineering marvel back in 1909. So today the City is celebrating all day long and they are ending the celebration by lighting up the bridge tonight. Jo and I are going to watch from the west side where we hope it will be a little less crowded.

I am going to take my camera and Coulee and see if we can get a cool picture for my 52 Weeks Challenge but as the deadline is tonight for this week, I needed a back-up picture. She definitely didn't mind the one-on-one time. I left the midgets at home so I wouldn't have my hands full.

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