Thursday, September 24, 2009


Jo arrived home last night and came over to pick up Tate. While waiting, we hung out in the backyard and played some fetch.

Coulee tends to get the stuffies really disgusting and Tate obviously wasn't used to such grossness.

He would carry it around by a limb or ear.

Heaven forbid he actually touch the slimy body!

Tate was such a good boy at our house. He barely said a peep, he was very respectful of Lu but he did take up lots of space on the couch!


onecollie said...

hahaha!! I love those, that is so Tate!!!!
What the heck is in his mouth in the last pic??....or are those his teeth! LOL!!
thanks again Wendy, Tate was very happy!

Squishy said...

You take the best pictures!!! OmGod!!!