Sunday, September 6, 2009

Just Ducky

On our last day in Nelson we went to the beach. It wasn't particularly hot that afternoon so it was perfect weather for just hanging out. The ducks at the park thought so too.

There were three or four ducks that would do the rounds to all the beach dwellers. They did manage to find some old granola bar squashed into the kids' beach toys so I guess they were rewarded on one visit, but they just kind of wandered around while I took a million pictures.

If you click on the image above you can even make out a water drop on the top of his head.

Feathers are so amazing and beautiful and you rarely get to look at them up close.

We also learned a thing or two about Mallards when we got home... We had been surprised that there were no males but we found out that the males only have their bright green heads during mating season. Who knew! You can still tell them apart though - the males have orange beaks and the females have darker ones.

Apparently I like the butt shots of ducks as much as I like the butt shots of dogs! :)
The patch of teal on the ducks would either look teal or purple depending on the angle but it was always gorgeous.

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manymuddypaws said...

awwww,how cute! i love ducks. neat photos. I love the ducks feet in the sand