Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Lighting of the Bridge

Jo, Coulee and I headed down to the bridge tonight to check out the lights. It is the first time the bridge has ever been lit. I don't know if this is a one time deal or if it will be come a nightly event. It was truly gorgeous so I hope they do it again.

I'd like to go again without Coulee and take more pictures. Coulee came along for the trip because I was attempting to get a picture of her infront of the bridge. They didn't really work. :( She tried her hardest to sit still for that long, but it was too long to not move a muscle. If I had been thinking I would have brought a toy and she probably would have been perfect. Maybe I'll try again if they re-light the bridge. The crowds of people didn't help either. She was pretty wigged out by all the dark blobs moving around. It didn't help that the first dark blobs we encountered were horses. I am sure you can imagine her reaction. She did eventually settle down and our walk back home, was much more relaxing.

Thanks Jo for having such a great idea! I actually left the house after dark and I'm not sure when I last did that. :)


onecollie said...

I had a wonderful time, & it was great "seeing history" all lit up!!
Gorgeous pictures Wendy!

Stephanie V said...

Very cool...I can't imagine going to all that trouble for just one night, though.

Sarah said...

really great photos Wendy!! I wish I was that close to see it!