Wednesday, August 18, 2010

An Evening Stroll

Sandy and I went out for a walk this evening.  She just brought Mira, and I took all three girls.

Mira is a girl with a single expression...

See what I mean?  At least it is a happy (if a little crazy) expression.

Coulee lost 2 toys and a few sticks tonight - she was definitely not on her game.

But she looked good trying!  You gotta laugh at those ear wings!

Lacey ventured into the river briefly, while Izzy ran in only long enough to drink.

Oh.  And we had lots of company out there.  Can you see all the mosquitos in this last picture? CRAZY!  Feel free to click the image to see it even bigger and scarier!

1 comment:

sandyv2222 said...

ha ha Mira is crazy, she had a good run!