Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Different Perspective

Last week I joined the Lethbridge Photography Club. They meet once a month and have occasional field trips throughout the year.

Every month you have the opportunity to submit an image for critique and "judging".  It just has to be within the theme boundaries.

This month's theme is "A Different Perspective".  I thought participating each month would help me to try and think out of the box and of course get feedback.  Good and bad.  Gulp.

So today, with Sadie's help, I pointed the camera towards the sky to see what I would get.

It was fun.  And I like the results.


JaderBug said...

Ohmigosh those photos are AWESOME!!! Makes me want to recreate them... but my dog isn't capable of that kind of air ;-)

Deirdre said...

ha ha! That is awesome - looks like it would have been great fun to do. Well, unless a dog the size of Coulee or Jetta landed on you :P

Kristy said...

Oooh - I love them! Awesome shots Wendy:)

Taryn said...

Nice! So how did you get out of the way fast enough as the dog came back down? For that matter, how did you get under there in the first place?

Squishy said...

These certainly are very cool photographs!! I love the compositions. Have fun with the class!!