Monday, September 13, 2010

Tractor Bits

Before the sun went down we wandered around the Picture Butte Engine and Tractor Club taking pictures of various things.  Mainly old tractors....

And all the sharp bits they have...

Some of them still look like they are being used!

The Photography club had arranged for a couple of models.  It wasn't really my thing, but this little girl was way too cute to pass up.  She didn't want to do any of the suggested poses... I thought she was doing just fine on her own!

It was hard to get an authentic looking "old" picture as there were tonnes of pick-ups and trailers and stuff parked everywhere, but with enough cropping it was do-able.

There were a bunch of little red buildings... not sure what they were for, but they were fun to photograph.

This would make a super fun location for wedding photos or if I ever wanted to pose dogs in front of things... which I don't.  :)


deb said...

Love that the model had her own pose repetoire to use! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the last 2 photos! The sun on just the windmill part is awesome & I love the wheat infront of the red building.

Stephanie V said...

Well, I just like 'em all. But the sharp bits appeal to me...don't even wonder why. I think maybe it's the lovely soft colors.
That little model has a future in the biz. Look at her confidence!

JaderBug said...

ZOMG I love these photos! Especially love the sickle mower blades and teeth, I think the last one of the barn is my favorite of all though! Great pics :-)