Friday, September 10, 2010

Fetching Machine

This week, Lacey blew me away.  She actually fetched.  Not just chased a moving toy and picked it up, but searched for it in the tall grass long after it had stopped moving.  Usually if she can't find the toy instantly or if there is even a hint of competition from Coulee, she gives up.  But this week she fetched twice!  I'm not sure if Coulee has been teaching her, or been keeping her from doing it sooner.

It may not sound like a big deal, but it is a huge change from what I've seen in the past.

Usually for her to be interested in a toy the stars need to align, she needs to be in the right mood, you need to rev her up (usually by saying "Readddddy" a few times) and Coulee needs to be running in the opposite direction so that Lacey can have the toy in her mouth long before Coulee comes breathing down her neck.

Then once she gets the toy you need to keep up with a constant stream of encouragement in order for her to hold on to it.  I'm very thankful that our dog parks aren't busy, because I'm sure I sound like an idiot saying "Whatcha got?  Do you have the frisbee?  Kill it.  That's it.  Shake it." over and over again in a high pitched voice.  The moment she senses you've lost interest she drops it like a hot potato and walks away from it like it is the most boring thing in the world.

This week she has been running around with it for 15 minutes and some times even bringing it back so I can throw it again.  I haven't needed to rev her up and I haven't needed to keep her excited to keep her interested.  This is her ready pose below.

Coulee is not enjoying this new behaviour one bit and frankly hasn't been getting as much exercise because Lacey has been hogging the toy.  Maybe next week I'll try two toys.


onecollie said...

I love the way Lacey folds the frisbee in half !

Karen said...

We use three toys, one for each dog, and they are pretty good at only fetching their own. That way they all get a chance to fetch, as Calli knows she doesn't have a hope of beating the other two, so would lose interest quickly. Also avoids any dog crashes as they try to beat the other one to the ball or toy.
Lacey looks like she is really having a lot of fun:)