Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Miss Sadie

Sadie is staying with us a for a few weeks again.  She fits in super well at our home - she is mellow in the house, doesn't bug Lu and loves to snuggle in bed.

She also keeps Coulee on her toes while fetching and doesn't have a tail for Lacey to bite. Amanda claims Vito came home with less fur after this weekend.  I don't believe it.  :)

And of course, it gives me another dog to photograph...  And she can be quite the character.


Anonymous said...

That second photo of Sadie with the frisbee? Hilarious!! You should have a caption contest for that one! :)

sandyv2222 said...

Awww Sadie!! Thanks that makes me feel better. I'm glad she's being good. Hopefully she doens't lick Marlins feet! lol!