Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 1 - Outtakes

So I decided to start the first day of my 365 Project with a self portrait.  I figured it would be fun to do one once a month just to see how I change throughout the year.

As usual, just touching the camera got the dogs excited.  And just like the last time I tried to do this, they decided they needed to get involved.  Sometimes they were helpful, other times, not.  But at least they kept me smiling.

Coulee moving in to steal the limelight
Apparently I wasn't paying her enough attention
Lost in a pile of fur.
It looks like I'm laying on a fur rug of some animal I've killed
Awww.  Coming in for a hug.
Lacey finally makes an appearance.  How come it is impossible to get me looking good and them looking good at the same time?  What is Coulee doing exactly???
Everybody pile on Coulee!!!
I believe Lacey is sitting on Coulee's head in this one.  :)
Nice Coulee, really nice.
Anyway, to see my final selection, go visit my flickr page....  Yes I know you can see the remote - that is something I'll need to work on!  Oh yeah, and I didn't bother to do my hair, or put on any make-up.... that just wouldn't be realistic!  LOL.

PS - Constance is also going to be doing a 365 Project!!!  I'm so glad to have some company along for the ride.


Kristy said...

You're a brave woman doing a 365! I've thought about it, but I know I wouldn't commit. Maybe in a year or 2 . . .I am going to do a 52 weeks (just on my own) of my kids, and maybe just life in general though . . . anyway . . . I love these! I really love the one of the 3 of you, where Lacey looks so comfortable, and Coulee is, ummmm, I don't know what she's doing:) I look forward to the next 364! Happy New Year!

Constance said...

Are you editing the final choice, or just posting? I can't decide. I guess maybe it'll depend on the picture.

deb said...

They are great! Good luck in your challenge - wow.

Stephanie V said...

A daily challenge...that's commitment. All of these look great to me. The dogs just make you look happier!

onecollie said...

great pictures!!!
you look really pretty, I totally thought you had done your hair, & you don't need makeup !

Karen said...

Somehow I missed this post.
I decided to do a 365 project too, and then challenged my daughter,so we are both giving it a go. I'll be checking in to see how it goes with you!
I really liked your 'coming in for a hug' photo:)
You can find links to ours at the top right on my blogs. No real theme, other than I'm trying to keep mine on our property. Not sure if I'll be brave enough to do a self portrait though:)