Friday, February 18, 2011

Blazingstar Morning

The girls and I headed out to Blazingstar this morning for a walk.  We were looking for a change of scenery and as an added bonus, we got company as well!

Coulee was her usual anti-social self.  We didn't throw any toys so she resorted to searching for sticks and by the end was actually just sniffing and enjoying herself... in between sessions of beating up Lacey.

Liz and Andy's flatcoats are not only gorgeous but incredibly well behaved.  Cava is just a young girl, but she is amazingly mature.

Tinbie is a bit of a wild man (with a bit of a thing for Lacey) but he is wild in a fun way, not an obnoxious way.  :)

I didn't get any decent pictures of sweet Lupine.  I had a tonne of out of focus pictures this morning (Do you think the cold could affect the focusing?  Either that, or my lens or camera might need a tune up! I hope it is just the cold.)

Thanks Liz and gang for a fun walk!


Constance said...

I had the same problem with my camera yesterday - I was initially quite concerned, but I really think it was the cold. It was fine inside today.

Ruth said...

Those flat coats are beautiful!

Blazingstar said...

My photos were a little soft that day too - must have been the cold. It was a fun walk and I love these photos! The reason you don't have any photos of Lupine is because she hates having her photo taken and usually manages to avoid it!!