Friday, February 4, 2011

Replicating the Shot

There is a reason I do candid photography.  Getting dogs to do what I envision in my head is frustrating.  I don't have the patience to spend 20 minutes setting up a single shot.  I'm not sure how the dogs feel about it, but I know I don't find that fun at all.  So I take what I can get.  And sometimes I miss those magic moments and it is frustrating as I know I may never get that chance back again.

This is one of my favourite pictures of Lacey....

I never could have planned this shot even though she carries the frisbee like this all the time.  ALL THE TIME. Do you think I could get the same picture twice? Something with the same feel and expression?  I tried yesterday, just to see if I could, as I think it would be even cuter with a pink smile instead of a blue one.  This is what I got:

The crooked (and windblown) smile
The sloppy smile.
The open mouthed smile.

None of them are even close to having the same feel as the original.  But that is OK. Because usually you get something just as cute.

The big lips smile.
Note:  You do realize I will now be obsessed with trying to get a picture of her looking at me right?  :)  It is even cuter when she is looking at you as the frisbee really does look like a giant pair of lips.  I'll have to be ready next time she does this, as picking it up this way is a very rare occurrence.


Karen said...

Okay, that last one is hilarious!

manymuddypaws said...

love her collar! I haven't seen that one before. Is it a nearly naked one?

giorno26 ¸¸.•*¨*•. said...

Troppo dolci queste foto.
Buona domenica.
Myriam :)