Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Toy Day!

When I was is Vancouver over Christmas my mom and I went downtown mainly so I could go to Bark and Fitz to check it out.  Was it worth the jaunt?  Not really although we had fun on the sea bus, checking out the Olympic Flame, walking the shoreline and had a great lunch.

The store was pretty small and it didn't have a lot I hadn't seen before which was disappointing.  I'm always on a quest for fun new dog toys that I haven't seen before.  Some people are addicted to collars, I'm addicted to toys.

Anyway, I bought a toy I'd never seen before.  I looks like a rubber jack on the end of a throwing stick.  I've been wanting to take it out since I got home, but I was afraid to lose it in the snow.

With the recent chinook, most of the snow was gone in the field where I've been going this week so I brought it with me.

Not sure what I was thinking with this toy.  Because I usually have my camera, I have to throw with my left hand.  I've gotten really good with a frisbee and can throw a bumper like toy, but a ball is still too awkward.  And this thing wasn't much better.  I could wing it awkwardly and just because of the nature of the toy (similar to a chuck it) I was able to get it a decent distance.  If I threw it down the hard packed dirt road, it bounced and went quite far and even bounced a bit in the field.  But then I was stuck holding a stick in my left hand while trying to take pictures.... Not really helpful.

So I took pictures for a while and then put the camera down and tried the toy with my right hand. It wasn't much better.  It still felt super awkward....  Maybe it is just me.  I'll be putting this in Marlin's car because it isn't one that I'll be using much.  The girls liked it OK though - Coulee more than Lacey.

Note: I threw out the packaging so I'm not sure what this toy is called or who it is made by.  Sorry!

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