Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend in Pictures.

The boys stayed with us this weekend.  They were good as usual.  Vito kept Lacey entertained and well Boone, he always keeps us entertained.  He is such a quirky guy.  We went on lots of walks and hunkered down the best we could out of the wind.


Boone in a snow drift. LOL

The frisbee stayed like this all the way back, I'm not sure how Coulee saw where she was going!

Boone being feisty and cute!

It was so windy Vito's tail and ears are going in the wrong direction.

Don't you just love his pointy nose?

Sporting the Trump comb over.

Even Coulee was getting goofy in the wind.

Can you see how Marlin is angling into the wind?  And yes those are paw prints on his chest.  We were crouched down for most of the walk and a certain grey dog likes to take advantage of this.
Vito is just so cute!

Um.... Amanda.... I think they are going to need a bath.  :)


onecollie said...

such great pictures Wendy!, love that last one of Boonie!
Maybe the wind blew Coulee over !!!! LOL!

Dawn said...

I like the one of Vito doing his Elvis impression.