Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ski Day!

I went to Cranbrook this weekend to go skiing with my dad and celebrate his 65th birthday (which was in January).

Neither of us had been skiing for a very long time (we are guessing it had been about 8 years!) so it was quite the adventure for us.  We weren't sure how our legs were going to handle it and how our coordination would be, but we did pretty good!

I'm sure it helped that the snow was amazing!  It was probably some of the best conditions I'd skied on.  It was warm, sunny, wasn't windy and the snow was soft, not too heavy or thick and not at all icy.

It probably helped too that there was no crowds to get in our way.  I've never skied with so little people.  We couldn't figure out why no one was there.  It was our first time skiing in Kimberly so I have no idea if that is how it usually is or not.  The views were amazing too.

And the skis have sure shrunk over the years!  I can't believe how short they were. They seemed to work OK though!  

We had a great day! It made me wonder why we don't go skiing more often.


Anne said...

Great Photos- Ski so blue. Looks like a fabulous for skiing. Camera back yet?
love mom

onecollie said...

What a wonderful day for you two~ the pictures are amazing!
You can really see how short the skis are in the picture of your dad!
Glad it was worth the scary drive up there!

Taryn said...

Gorgeous scenery! Wow!

Your dad looks like he is a very physically fit guy at 65!