Monday, January 9, 2012

Coulee's Pics

So the helmet cam also has a setting that allows you to take a photo anywhere from every .5 seconds to every 60 seconds.  I set it up to take one every 30 seconds.  I figured 100 photos wouldn't be too bad to go through.  This is the best of what she captured...

This is how most her landscape photos turned out.  :)

I'll admit to straightening this one.  :)

Notice Lacey in her "rightful place"?  :)

She took a picture of me taking a picture of us.  :)

Yes... that is her eating poop!!!  

The drive home


Deb said...

That was fun! The eating poop one was hilarious! Like the going home shot too.

Taryn said...

What a GREAT post! I loved all those shots! The poop shot is hilarious!

Constance said...

My favourite is the one of her paws on the way home. They look so cute!

onecollie said...

I agree with Constance! love her cute little paws :)

Mary Lou said...

The picture of Lacey glancing UPWARD? Is that YOU? It's CUTE.... That picture captured Lacey's DEVOTION toward her Momma!! ;)
I ALSO liked the "crooked" landscape shot.... ;-}
Coulee eats POOP? Ewwww.... So does my Rose!! Dogs will be dogs, I guess.... ;op
And, lastly, I LOVE "The drive home" photo of Coulee's paws!! THAT one is a WINNER!! ;-D