Friday, January 20, 2012

Lacey's New Boots

Lacey hates her new boots.  The first time she wore them, she couldn't move.  Not even an inch.  She stood in the park like a statue and wouldn't walk, wouldn't run, wouldn't even turn around. I walked halfway across the park and she just looked at me over her shoulder with a sad look on her face.

Today she wore them at the dog park.  At long last, she could move in them (it did take a solid minute for her to jump out of her crate though).  She had two speeds - a bunny hop and stopped.  She wouldn't play, fetch or come when called.  She would keep up with me, but not venture off the path.  I could get her to run to me only if I promised cookies.

And then I took them off she went from calm and serious...

... to wild, crazy and sassy in a matter of seconds.

She lifted her feet a little bit due to the cold, but she soon forgot about the cold and just had fun.

I hope we'll have a little more progress with the boots next time.  And maybe even get a smile while she is wearing them.

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Mary Lou said...

Do not quit YET.... Keep trying. Give Lacey TIME. When I introduced my ROSE to her HARNESS, she wanted NOTHING to DO with this.... Uh.... CONTRAPTION. That was LAST SUMMER. Today, she TOLERATES it, at least!! ;op
So do not worry.... Lacey will COME ALONG!!