Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winter at Last

We finally got a skiff of snow the other day.  It has been the warmest (and windiest) winter I can remember.

The girls had a blast.  Lacey was wild from start to finish and Coulee was her usual fetching machine.

Coulee's feet are doing OK - her right feet look really good, her left feet don't.  I wish they were a little more co-ordinated, but they didn't seem to bother her much the other day.  We've been taking mellower walks lately as she has had the camera (and fetching and taking video does not work) and we took a rest day after our big snow walk just so that we don't push our luck.

Her hunger pains have gone back to just her usual enthusiasm for food and there is peace again in the house.  We've already almost gone through a whole bag of kibble and we need to decide what we want to do food-wise.  Kibble is just soooooo easy.  ;)

She has a huge bald belly from the ultrasound that shockingly hasn't been showing up in many photos (I haven't be purposely hiding it).  I'll have to post one some day soon just so you can see it.

Hope everyone is enjoying winter as much as we are!


K-Koira said...

We'd enjoy it more if some of the snow would head our way! Looks like you guys are enjoying what snow you have, though.

Mary Lou said...

I have this STRANGE feeling that my comment NEVER SENT!! So if you get TWO variations of this.... Sorry!! :-(
Snow would be SO MUCH FUN.... My Rose is always QUITE CURIOUS about that cold, white stuff!! ;op
If I look REAL CLOSE at your last picture, I can see Coulee's bald belly.... Poor girl.... ;-}