Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Results

So I spent some time yesterday getting the little video together. This short video is just about engaging your dog while taking photos.  I tried to show what I do and the photos that result.

Coulee did a pretty good job with the video and I discovered I could crop (aka zoom in) so that helped.  I wasn't really sure what the view of the camera was as I hadn't played with it much, but it is quite wide so if I ever do this again, I will probably call her in closer so I won't need to edit the video so much.

Coulee's self inflicted rules really help make her a pretty good camera dog.  She doesn't believe in stealing toys so if Lacey and I are tugging she usually just stands or lays down and waits for us to finish (she knows it never lasts long).  The only time I asked her to stay was when I threw the frisbee for Lacey.  Other than that, she didn't need any directions from me at all. :)

Sorry it is so itty bitty.  I don't know how to make it bigger and making it full screen looks horrible, so I don't recommend that either.


K-Koira said...

Nice video. I'm impressed with Coulee's camera skills for sure (and now really wanting a camera for Koira).

Marlene said...

Coulee and your filming/photography, Lacey modeling: What a great visual and informative presentation!

Taryn said...

Totally off today's topic (as I can't see your video here at work, it's blocked), but I was wondering if you ever tried Athlete's Foot cream on Coulee's pads? I've known people to get such a severe infection of it that their feet bleed/crack very painfully. Googling around, it looks like dogs are susceptible as well. Anyway, I couldn't remember if you had posted about trying it or not, so I thought I'd mention it while it was still in my little pea brain :-) It came to mind while I was in the gym here at my office.