Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More Mud

I didn't actually intend for the dogs to get all muddy again, but they both went running down to the water and I thought "What the heck".

Although I do admit to regretting this throw....

We both got a little dirty handling the frisbee.

Thankfully it washes right off.

Lacey was doing her own thing.  LOL

Another oops throw...

But again, the mud just washed right off.

I love the dirty water swirls coming off her front feet.

Lacey finally decided to join in on the game.

Coulee always intimidates Lacey away from the toy, even if she gets there first.

Lacey never seems to care though.

I have two very tired and happy dogs.


WigglyZack said...

Oh Crikey that's a lot of mud - but looks like lots of fun too!!!! I will have to get Zack out to Park Lake before all the crowds start to arrive

Mary Lou said...

I love how your words describe the incredible pictures you take!! ;-D
I think my favorite one of Coulee is number eight!! She looks like a BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE Border Collie/Golden Retriever cross.... Even with all that mud!! Yeah!! ;OP
My favorite one of Lacey is a bit cleaner.... Picture number twelve!! She's flying!! ;op

lifewithmydogs said...

Oh wow. That's a lot of mud! Looks like the poor girls will have another horrible bath in store for them!
Also, great action shots! I wish I could do that!