Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Coulee has always been an amazingly obedient dog while on walks. She never goes far, she comes quickly when you call or whistle and she never really gets into things.  This past week or so however, that has all been going downhill.

She's been eating stuff - poop, dead things and god knows what else.

She's been rolling in stuff - poop, dead things and god knows what else.

And she's been ignoring me.  COMPLETELY.

Exhibit A - that is poop on both sides of her neck

Yesterday she ran through a barb wire fence and on to a road to eat something.  I was literally screaming at her, and she WOULD NOT COME.  I seriously thought my head was going to explode. I was so mad and scared.  It isn't a busy road but there are usually trucks on it and they aren't used to having to share it, so I was worried.  She finished eating whatever it was and came back.

I'm pretty sure this is what I looked like while I was screaming at her.

She walked back to car on a one foot leash and I went home and locked myself in the bathroom and took a bath because I was still so mad. But in-between all my mental ranting and raving, I realized something.

I've stopped bringing toys with us on walks.  I've been trying to reduce the amount of fetch because I don't want her running as much.  More running means sorer feet (is sorer a real word??).  She normally is constantly checking in with us - not because she is worried about where we are and where we are going, but because she wants us to throw a toy and she is hoping it is going to happen soon.  If we play fetch consistently on walks and then don't for a walk or two, she still has hope that we have a toy hidden in our pocket.  I'd finally gotten to the point where she had given up hope.

I've reached a Zen state....  Which is a good thing.  Crabby me is not nice.

So the toys are coming back.  Even if it just means a couple of throws per walk.  I need my obedient dog back because this one is driving me nuts.


Andrea said...

Then after you relaxed with your bath, did you have to give her one, or did she go first? I should pay more attention to trying to figure out why our dog does what he does (instead of just passing him off as ridiculous).

Hydro Blogger said...

I like the yelling bird. :)

Stephanie V said...

Really nice bird captures. Poor Coulee so down she has to eat poop. Poor you all stressed out. Hope it's all back to normal now.

Jeremy Bates said...

Great photos. It's hard when pets start taking off on their own. My cat comes home only to use the litter box lately then goes out again.