Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Long Time Coming

When Marlin and I moved in together in 1998, he had a very old, very ugly couch.  It was brown, velvet and covered with hideous flowers.  But it worked and it was all we had.

When we moved to Edmonton at the end of 1999, we couldn't fit everything into the moving truck so the couch (and matching chair) made a trip to the dump instead of a trip to Alberta.  We thought we'd have no problem replacing it.

Man, were we wrong.  Every time we went furniture shopping, we had wildly different ideas as to what we liked.  We couldn't even agree on the basic style, never mind the colour.  Our opinions were so different, we couldn't even compromise without us both hating the options.  So we lived for a while with no couch. A long while.

A few years later, when my Oma passed away, we inherited her couch.  It is most definitely not in a style either of us would have chosen.  But we were thrilled to actually have a couch that we could sit on. Together.  LOL.  It has spent the last few years hiding in our basement in front of the TV.

Last weekend we finally picked up our first real furniture purchase.  It is a beautiful, red double chaise lounge.  I love it.  It is now gracing the spot of honour in front of our TV in the basement.  We actually had no problem at all agreeing on what to get and even picking the fabric wasn't too much of a challenge!  My how times have changed.

Imagine this in a solid dark red.  :)

The couch it replaced has now been moved to our upstairs living room (to replace two hand me down chairs from my other grandma that were literally falling apart) and I can't believe how much I enjoy having it up there!  It is so nice to have something comfortable to hang out on while reading a book, or watching the iPad or just chilling with the dogs.

I'm not the only one enjoying it.  Lacey, Lu and Jack have suddenly decided that it is the best sleeping spot ever.  They rarely got on it in the basement (well the cats did, but only if we were there with them) and suddenly I can't walk by it without at least one of them being on it.

I think we are going to have to invest in a slip cover though.  If the critters are going to keep hanging out on it, I'd really like to be able to photograph them on something a little less busy.  Yeah.  That's it.  It's too busy.  :)

Hopefully Marlin and I will be able to agree on a slipcover as easily as we agreed on the couch.  Otherwise, it may be a few more years of flowers.

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deb said...

Wow! Cool new couch! Anything will be better than flowers & at least with a slip cover they aren't as pricey so it doesn't feel like it needs to be such a long term commitment.