Monday, May 21, 2012

Studio Pictures

Lorelei just started renting studio space and has been playing around with different stuff and generously offered to photograph my pets!  Coulee went in first a few weeks ago and was a super star.  She did everything we asked of her - other than hop up on a chair.  LOL.  She apparently only has one expression though.

Amanda was going to bring some of her crew yesterday but ended up having car troubles so Lacey and Lu stepped up to the plate instead.  I hadn't brought Lacey in the first place because I thought it might be too much for her.

As a rescued barn cat, Lu is the most comfortable of my three cats (including Chewy, the daycare cat) in new environments.  She is pretty easy going at the vet clinic and I thought would do OK in the studio.  She did pretty good, but really didn't want to leave the chair!  LOL

Lacey on the other hand, I knew would be a stress case.  She doesn't really like new people OR new places.  I brought along her favourite toys (which she ignored - which wasn't unexpected) and some hot dogs (which were not surprisingly, more appealing).

Lacey started off pretty stressed - she was panting with a stress smile (but still cute!).

She licked her lips a lot.

But in the end she recovered enough to do some "tricks". This is her sad.

She even relaxed enough to chase the laser light I brought for Lu.

And she managed to give Lorelei some cute looks too.

Studio work with pets is hard.  Really hard.  And wow does it take patience.

If you are bringing them into a weird, new place, you are bound to have at least a slightly nervous pet to start.  Cats especially don't like new places.  There are also lights flashing and even though the flashes are behind giant diffusers, the first 10 or so times the flash went off, Lacey came running back to me.  Lu didn't give them much more than a casual look though.

Lorelei did an excellent job!  Especially considering how hard Lacey made her work.  I'm so proud of Lacey for loosening up in the end - I wasn't sure it would happen, but I'm glad we tried.  There is something about the clean background of a studio setting that I really love and I'm so happy to have these photos.  Thanks so much Lorelei!!!

You'll probably never see any of the big chicken (also known as Jack). I'm pretty sure it would take him days to recover enough to act even remotely normal in a studio and if there is anything to hide behind, he'll find it.  :)


Andrea said...

This looks like so much fun, but I do appreciate the hard work and effort involved!

Unknown said...

They are great!
Best wishes Molly

Charlene and Storm said...

wow that looks like so much fun, i really need to get stormy in to have some professional pictures done, i think he would show up so well with a white background xxx

Posie said...

oooooooh ma gooderyness, whott byootirfull piktyooors, iz wishh dat I cood get fotors takkin liyke thozz wuns, heehe!! Dey arr veriy niyce photors!! love n likkers, pdorg xox

Pat Carroll Marcantel said...

Great pictures! I can only imagine how hard you all had to work to get these shots. My two dogs are not cooperative for me, perhaps they would do better with a pro-photog.

WigglyZack said...

Wow, what great pictures. Haven't seen them in photos without being outside -they still look just as cute.

Jenilee said...

Awesome pics...I especially like the one of Coulee checking out her feeties:)

Jenilee said...

Awesome pics...I especially like the one of Coulee checking out her feeties:)