Sunday, May 6, 2012

I Shot It

I recently discovered the "I Shot It" website that hosts photo contests.  There are some incredible images there and it is definitely worth checking out.  I decided to enter a photo into the cat contest and Jack won a "Mark of Excellence" with one of his tub pictures.  Yay for Jack.

There is a dog contest going on now that ends later today... so hurry on over if you are interested.


WigglyZack said...

congrats that photo is brilliant - you should have won

K-Koira said...

Nice. I always love looking at that photo.

You should totally enter one of Coulee's photos in the dog version!

Taryn said...

That bathtub series was great! It deserves an award!

Thanks for the link to "I Shot it"....I just entered the dog contest!

Taryn said...

Looking at the dog contest that just ended....I think I see Coulee in another award of excellence! :-)