Friday, July 13, 2012

The Big One Oh Oh Oh

This is my 1,000th post.

I started this blog on February 24, 2008 and what I said in my very first post, still holds true today.
I've decided to set this up for myself to essential create a digital scrapbook of my two dogs - Coulee and Lacey. I just wanted a place where I could write about their activities - good and bad and where I could put pictures so I could watch them change over the years. I'm not very well organized on paper - it seems so much easier to do it on the computer.
To be honest, I can't believe all of you are here for the ride.  I never expected that so many people would be interested in two regular, household mutts.  But I'm so thankful that you are.

I love the way the blog has connected me with other people with similar passions and interests!  I also love the way I can look back and see how some things have changed, and how so many things haven't.

Growing up, I was never able to write in a diary for long.  I tended to start off enthusiastically enough but it always quickly dwindled.  Maybe it was because I didn't really like to write about myself?  Or maybe I just needed an audience?  Or maybe I needed to express myself in photos instead of words and just didn't know it yet? Who knows!  All I know is that I like this blog thing. :)

You may have noticed that I don't talk a lot about myself or my family.  I'm actually quite a private person but sharing Coulee and Lacey's life with you doesn't make me feel uncomfortable and through them, you get little glimpses of me.  We laugh at work about how people really do seem to match their dogs and I have to assume, I'm no different.

So anyway... Thanks for being here.  Here's to the next 1,000 posts!


VetVoyeur said...

Thanks for sharing your dogs and your photography with us!

Taryn said...

Wow! That's quite a milestone! I know I have truly enjoyed seeing your dogs, your wonderful photographic talents and imagination.
I look forward to the next 1000!

So if I match my dogs....Let's see...I am a bossy, noisy control freak. Yep, that about sums it up :-)

Andrea said...

Congrats on 1,000! I love stopping by here for the beauty of the photography and the personality you are able to capture in your furry friends. I find myself passing on many of your posts to dog lovers and photography lovers!

Anonymous said...

It is not just that you have fabulous and stunning photos - I feel like a voyer into the lives of your two wonderful and funny dogs. You bring your dogs stories to life with your photography and wonderful way of capturing that story through your words and pictures - I haven't posted to your blog before, but i am addicted to reading and looking at the photos - I hope you have a 1,000 more

deb said...

Congrats on your 1000th post! I may have read them all!