Wednesday, July 4, 2012


We had a houseguest this past weekend.  I don't normally look after other people's dogs, but it was for a long-time client who is ill and old (and moving to a new facility) and it was a dog that I thought would fit in pretty well here and not cause too much of an uproar.

And I was right, she was pretty easy to look after. There were a few tense moments with Lacey the first night, but after that, things were OK.

Jack was absolutely hilarious around her.  He would forget she was here and come bopping upstairs.  The first time he spotted her, she was sleeping a few feet from where he'd stopped on my lap.  He froze, his eyes went big and he started to slowly back away. When he was finally a "safe" distance away, he turned and ran for his life. Maggie just kept on sleeping.  LOL.

Maggie isn't a dog that has been off leash very often and it shows.  On our first day, she couldn't manage to navigate through the grass.  I literally had to lift her over some sections so she could stay with us.  But by the second day, she'd gotten her groove on and was running ahead with the girls (or even on her own) and running back when called.

I even saw her venturing into some very tall grass to figure out what Coulee and Lacey were doing (they had found a particularly good crop to eat).  I was impressed!

It makes me wonder... are some dogs born "princesses" or are they made that way?  Or as with many things, is it a little of both?


WigglyZack said...

So sweet. Looks like she is having a blast!!!

Amanda said...

Izzie was born a princess and well, I don't find it right to change any part of her ;)

Jeremy Bates said...

These dogs have the life! I was looking at all the spacious ground they had to run around on. Judging by their appearance, they had a blast!

By the way, they look like they KNOW the camera is on them. lol

ItsHER92 said...

I really want a daschund they are such beautiful animals. My cousin had one called Digger and he was 19 when he died a few months ago, he was attentive and loving. And people thought I was weird in thinking a dog could have attributes such as 'loving'. But then why have the phrase 'man's best friend' ?