Thursday, November 15, 2012

Coulee Update

Coulee's feet have been doing pretty good lately. She's been able to run a pretty decent amount without showing any pain after.  We've over done it a few times in the past few weeks, but generally we've kept things under control.  We are struggling with pain meds - they either don't work, or they work but upset her stomach so we are trying to balance a fun life with reality.  It isn't ideal, but it what we have to work with.

Our "last hope" is that her issues are caused by an environmental allergen.  We had her tested a few months ago and even though nothing was very conclusive, we are giving it a try.  The allergy shots are formulated specifically for her and she gets an injection every two days and we slowly build up the amount each time.  At the end of a month or two, she'll be at her full dose which she'll then just get every 10 days.  If it works, we may know in a few months, or it may take up to a year. If it hasn't worked in a year, odds are it won't help.  So fingers crossed it is the solution.

We had her blood tested last week and we are happy that her kidney levels remained normal.  This time though, her eosinophils were high.  I swear they just plug random numbers into these tests as they never go as expected!  Anyway, high eosinophils can indicate a parasite (among other things) so we are deworming her and then we'll re-test it again in a month and go from there.

Overall things are pretty good.  She's had a pretty decent stretch of little to no pain and I hope that continues for a while!


Taryn said...

Glad she's feeling pretty least for now! Hope it keeps up!

WigglyZack said...

I'm glad to hear it. You need a break from the worry as much as Coulee needs a break from the pain. Hope it continues for you :)