Friday, November 9, 2012

Just Beachy

I'm still catching up on photos and I figured I should get a move on as it is snowing today!  Just more random pictures from our beach trip last weekend.  Seeing Coulee in the water just seems weird now!

These next two cracked me up!  I swear Coulee did that on purpose.  :)

The view as we walk to the beach... The road is still closed but in the daylight I could tell that the beach area wasn't all that far away so we just parked on the road and walked in.

The frisbee should give you an indication of just how dirty the dogs are after a trip to the beach.

Come on.  One more throw. Please?


Taryn said...

My guys will still try to go in the water when it is below freezing....then they come home covered in icicles.

What mountain range is that? It's beautiful.

Paws on the Run said...

Coulee is pretty good at avoiding water - she only goes in when a toy is thrown, so if we don't throw the toy in, she doesn't go in. Even if she is thirsty! Apparently water is no fun unless a toy is involved. :)

Those are the Rocky Mountains. Where we are (southern Alberta) there are almost no foothills so they go straight from the prairies into mountains, making them very easy to see from a distance.

Charlene and Storm said...

what a fantastic photo of the mountains, that is one fab dog walk!!!

love the pic of coulee smacking lacey in the face, poor girl xxx

my first dog deefa loved the water so much he would go in and get swimming even if we hadnt brought a toy, he was fab!

now stormy wont even go in the water at all, ah well all dogs are different but wonderful in there own way.

great pics as ever!!!

Charlene and Stormy