Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Cake

Amanda made carrot cupcakes with peanut butter icing for the pups.  To say that they enjoyed it would be an understatement.

But first they had to put on their party hats.  They were thrilled.

Amanda cheered them up by giving them a taster. You've got a little peanut butter on your chin there Lacey.

Once we placed the cupcakes in front of them but ask them to stay, neither of them could bring themselves to even look at them.

Finally they were given the OK.

Lacey was a total glutton.  Popped the whole thing in and swallowed it down.

Vito painstakingly licked the icing off.

He was slow and methodical until Lacey finished hers and started to move in on his... then he really started to hustle.

Partying is serious business.

MORE cake.  This one came with candles. We forgot the matches, but I think that was a good thing.

Has there ever been a cuter birthday boy?

And I'll leave you with the "drunken" (aka full belly) after party picture.

Thanks for inviting us to your party Vito!  We had fun.


Taryn said...

I like shots 3rd and 4th before the end where Vito has his tongue out. He looks like it's deliberate, and the one looks like he is giving a raspberry.

acd6pack said...

Looks like they had a great time! Fantastic pictures, as always. Your Lacey is such a cute one, likely the Cattle Dog in her! Thanks for sharing the celebration photos.

Charlene and Storm said...

awww those pictures are fab!!! they both look so cute and adorable xxx
i love the pics of them waiting for the ok and then the big scoff down, love it!!!

Charlene and Stormy