Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Vito!

Today is Vito's 6th Birthday.  So to celebrate, Amanda invited Lacey and I on a walk.  Coulee and Vito aren't "friends" so she stayed at home.  (It isn't that they don't get along, they just don't play together.)

We went to the beach which as you know, means I took a lot of photos.  So I decided to break it into two blog posts - pre and post cake.  This is pre-cake.  :)

It wasn't as cold as it looks.  The edges were frozen, there was snow on the ground, the sky was grey, but it was only around -2 C.

Those would be ice chunks in the lake.  Vito was very brave.

I happened to have two squeaky balls in my pocket that I sometimes use to get dogs' attention for photos.  Vito and Lacey were both pretty happy to have one all to themselves.

We finally had to take the balls back so they would actually play with each other. LOL

Vito has way more stamina than Lacey, but they were both ready for cake by the end.  That's coming up tomorrow.


manymuddypaws said...

Vito says thanks for the Awesome walk!!! ;)

WigglyZack said...

Looks like he had lots of fun awwww