Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Very Long Day

What a loooooong day. We were told that Lacey would be one of the first dogs operated on. From 11:00 on, I was obsessed with my phone. Every 5 minutes I kept pulling it out of my pocket to see if I had missed a call.  I finally caved at 1:30 and called. They couldn't tell me anything - whether the surgery had happened, whether she was currently in surgery or if she was still waiting.  I called again at 4:00. That's when I found out she still hadn't been operated on and was last one on the list.  After going out for dinner and STILL not hearing anything we just went down there at about 7 pm. She was out of surgery. Yay. Turns out they decided not to remove the toe, they just fused the two together - which is probably why her surgery got pushed to the end of the day as it no longer required bone removal (which is riskier and they prefer a better sterilized room).  We got to see her really briefly and she seemed good.

By the time we got there I was a bit of a stress case and it didn't help knowing that she had probably been a stress case the entire day. I wish they had called - we could have picked her up and hung out with her for most of the day. It would have been way better on all of us. Even just knowing about the delay would have helped.

Anyway, it's done. Hopefully for good.


Taryn said...

Let the healing begin! Get well fast, little Lacey!

K-Koira said...

Glad she is through the surgery and ready to move on to the healing part.

I would be seriously annoyed (or beyond annoyed) if my vet not only changed the time of surgery without letting me know, but changed the type of surgery they were doing without telling me before hand.

Paws on the Run said...

Um yeah. There is going to be hell to pay if there aren't clean margins. I'm assuming he knows what he is doing and if he had called and suggested it, I'm sure we would have agreed, but they really should have talked to us first.

K-Koira said...

Yeah... It should be handled the same way any other purchase would be handled- because you are purchasing her care.

If you arranged to purchase a Toyota Corolla at a car dealership, then arrived there after finishing all the paperwork and purchasing the car, and they gave you a Honda Accord, it would NOT be okay. Had they suggested the Accord from the beginning, you might have gone for it. But it is NOT what you arranged.

And when they start messing with healthcare- for dogs or people- in that way, it brings in a whole different level of not cool. (I may be a bit sensitive to the subject, I had a surgery where I ended up being way less than thrilled with how little I was told and how much lack of caring was exhibited towards me.)

For now, be ecstatic that your dog is back to you safe, and spend your energy well-wishing the lab reports!