Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Off With Her Toe

We decided to have her toe amputated.  She had it taken off yesterday, and we brought her home today.

At first it seemed easier this time around (on us, I'm talking about - probably not on her) but then around 6:30 p.m. hit and I had a complete breakdown.  A crying in public and I can't stop, kind of breakdown.  It was awesome.  ;)  We cured it by driving right over to check on her.  We had decided in advance we weren't going to visit this time as we thought it was selfish and while it made us feel better, it probably didn't make her feel all that much better. (When parents visit anxious dogs at the daycare, it always takes a little time for those dogs to settle back down once they leave again.) But I was such a basket case that when they asked if we wanted to visit, I had to say yes.

We got to sit in a room with her as long as we wanted. It was great.  She was totally high and pretty anxious but she settled down after a bit and fell asleep between us and I felt soooo much better.

They are sending the sample off for analysis, so we'll know if they got clean margins (this surprised me, I thought we were pretty much guaranteed clean margins) and if there were actually cancer cells in the toe.  So we'll know if we made the "right" decision.  Ugh.  I'm not sure I want to know - unless they find cancer in the toe of course.  Then I'll feel better.  :)

Regardless, it is all over for now.  Now we are just going to concentrate on getting her happy and healthy again.  But first we need to do a quick stop at the vet to get her bandage redone after she ate half of it on the way home.  ;)


Taryn said...

I'm sorry but the title of your post made me laugh, even though I knew it's meaning.....

Here's to speedy healing and clean margins!

Paws on the Run said...

Don't worry Taryn, that was the point. ;)

blissfulsally said...

Lacey will always be one of the cutest dogs EVER no matter how many toes she has.

I would have made the same decision. Sending happy and healing thought to all of you!

Andrea said...

Hope she is back to getting those toes muddy again soon!

atcoma said...

Hope she will recover well and quickly and that the samples will bring good news!